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         New material

* High quality polyester material

* Wrinkle free

* 3" to 4" pocket on top

* Machine washable

* Durable and strong

* Machine wash and dryer safe

* Vivid color

* Color never fades.

   FOR QUOTE  CONTACT US. 954 588-3962               


               We charge $10.00 for 3" loop


                         CUSTOM  BACKDROPS WELCOME

                       10X10 FOR $89.99   8X8 FOR $79.99                

           v           Need to provide us your own artwork. 

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Welcome to

King Of Backdrops is the most progressive & up-to-date retailer of Photographic Backdrops and Studio Equipment. We have been serving the Photographic Industry since 2006 til this day. We sell Scenic backdrops, Backdrop Stands, Sports backdrops, Holiday backdrops,  Including Custom Ordered Backdrops and more.

The backdrops in our selection are designed for both Professional and Serious Amateur Photographers. We strive to offer our customers the best combination of quality and price. Many of our backgrounds are exclusives and can only be found here.


We have 1000's of designs to choose from. All of them are hot. BEWARE OF OUR BOOTLEGGER'S. King Of Backdrops are the true ORIGINATORS of the Photographic Industry. We are now shipping our backdrops from 3 locations. Our shipping time can take from 5 days to 10 days.


Don't forget to add our site to your favorites to make it easy to return here.



New Backdrops

N039 N007 MC073 V021 M044 MC068 EW053 EP2833 MC149 CT233 N050 EP2799 CLUB BACKDROP64 EP3097 v108 MARTIN1 NEW BACKDROP150 CT1100 CT094 EP2829
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